Internship on Embedded Robotics Development

Internship on Embedded Robotics Development

Robots are increasingly entering our life. The Robotics is a branch of science integrating many cutting-edge technologies: electronic circuits, computer science and engineering, mechanical science and mechatronics, cybernetics and biocybernetics, artificial intelligence, sensor technology, vision processing, natural language communication, modern psychology, brain model studies, and others. Modern electronic design more and more leads to the construction of embedded devices, which are complete microprocessor and computer systems integrated with the host devices. Such embedded systems can be found in: automobiles, avionic and naval systems, telecommunication systems, medical life-support systems, automated cash and banking systems, but also in household appliances and consumer electronics devices. And especially, the construction of all advanced robotic systems involves embedded electronics.

This internship aims at delivering the knowledge and developing the skills necessary for a successful career in Robotics and/or Embedded Systems, in industry, research and development, expert consulting, and alike activities. The interns gain an understanding of the principles, methods, and processes of embedded electronics engineering and robotics, allowing them to creatively use this knowledge at work. Typical activities include solving problems in the field of analysis, design, development, integrating, deployment, debugging, and maintenance of embedded and robotic systems.

This internship is conducted at Gregorian Institute of Technology, Kangazha, Kottayam on 24 dec 2021 to 02 Jan 2022.

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