Solar Energy Solutions

Solar Energy Solutions

Solar energy for your home and business

Let the sun pay your bills, generate your own clean energy with rooftop solar system. Invest in the sun and save on your monthly electric bills. Solar energy is a true form of renewable clean energy which ensures zero pollution (air, noise, land) and emits no greenhouse gases mitigating climate change.

How does it work?

Sit back and relax we handle everything

Solar panels work by absorbing sunlight with photovoltaic cells, generating DC energy which is converted to usable AC energy by Inverter technology. The electricity produced by a solar power system is no different than the electricity you get from KSEB. Moreover it is the safest source of electricity consumption because it is neither hazardous nor does it emit any harmful gases during production.

We offer you the best way to tap into this unlimited source. These are the range of services we extend

  • Consultation
  • Solar Site assessment
  • Government approvals and permits
  • Installations
  • Commissioning
  • Documentation

Go solar the future is here

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